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15 Things To Do In Jammu In 2021

Best Things To Do In Jammu In 2021

Best Things To Do in Jammu

15 Best Things To Do In Jammu

The town of Jammu holds many glorious tales within its forts, palaces, and temples. Jammu is found on the banks of the river Tawi and is surrounded by magnificent mountains and lush green forests, the likes of which can’t be found anywhere else on the planet! The list of best things to try to do in Jammu is sort of extensive

1. Trek To Vaishno Devi Temple

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Vaishno Devi is one of the foremost sacred Pilgrim spots in India and a trek to succeed in the holy shrine is among the simplest things to try to do in Katra Jammu. per annum, hundreds and thousands of devotees start an enthralling journey to pay respects and receive blessings at this sacred temple. Those who cannot climb the steep slopes can either make the journey on horseback or book a helicopter ride from Jammu.

Location of Vaishno Devi Temple: Katra-Reasi Rd, Bhavan, Katra, Jammu
Timings of Vaishno Devi Temple: 5 AM – 9 PM

2. Visit Mubarak Mandi Palace Jammu

Best Things To Do in Jammu

The Dogra art museum is situated inside the Mubarak Mandi Palace, a crucial city landmark. The gallery was inaugurated by Dr. Rajendra Prasad in 1954. The gallery has a powerful collection of manuscripts, artifacts, royal embellishments, and other historically significant items.

Location of Mubarak Mandi Palace: Jammu
Timings: 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM (Winters) | 8 AM – 1:30 PM (Summer)

3. Ski In Patnitop

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Skiing in Patnitop is without a doubt one among the simplest to try to do activities in Jammu. Patnitop may be a quintessential Indian hill station. it’s frequented by hundred and thousand of skiers all year round. Capitol Hill station offers its visitors a stunning view of the panoramic landscape, beautiful trekking paths, and lovely skiing locations.

Location of Patnitop: Udhampur District, Jammu, and Kashmir
Distance of Patnitop from Jammu: 110 KM
How to reach Patnitop: Bus or private cabs

4. Savor Jammu Cuisine

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Apart from being a sight to behold, Jammu is additionally a paradise for sheer foodies. one among the foremost interesting things to try to do in Jammu and Kashmir is enjoying the toothsome flavors of North India. heaven for gourmets, Jammu is understood all across the state for Rajma Chawal, Aloo Dum, Patisa, Dogra Dishes (Ambal, Khatta Meat, Kulthi Ki Dal, Maa Da Madra, Phirni) and other traditional dishes like Morel, Palov, Madra, Oria, Maani, Khameera, and Sasha. Jammu offers a good sort of Pahari delicacies that reflect upon the individuality of the culture in North India.

Best places to eat in Jammu: Falak Revolving Restaurant, Hotel Taj Restaurant, Pavilion, Bansi Ki Hatti, The Imperial Grill Restaurant, and Bar

5. Stroll In Bagh-e-Bahu

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Among the various things to try to do in Jammu, the luxurious green and majestic Bagh-e-Bahu Garden is probably the foremost beautiful and exciting hotspot. Located on the bank of the river Tawi, this enchanting garden boasts a lush green topography, beautiful fountains, colorful flowers, and ponds. The garden also features a large reservoir, gorgeous flower beds, and walkways for straightforward access. If you happen to be in Jammu, confirm you visit this garden.

Timings of Bagh-e-Bahu Garden: 8 AM – 10 PM

6. Enjoy A Helicopter Ride To Poonch

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Make sure you include a visit to the picturesque town of Poonch in your list of things to try to do in Jammu. This quintessential Indian country town may be a sight for a sore eyes and is found at a cushy driving distance from Jammu. What’s even better is that you simply can book an exciting helicopter ride from Jammu to Poonch. At the helm of its beauty is that the magnificent Pir Panjal range. and therefore the town holds within itself an upscale and extensive cultural history just waiting to be unraveled.

Location of Poonch: Poonch District, Jammu, and Kashmir
Distance of Poonch from Jammu: 233 KM
How to reach Poonch: Bus or private cabs
Attractions in Poonch: Pir Panjal mountain range

7. Explore Bhimgarh Fort

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Located within the town of Reasi, the Bhimgarh fort aka the Reasi fort may be a charming historical monument. The gates of this stunning fortress are adorned with folk paintings from Rajasthan. And albeit the fort has endured many earthquakes, restoration efforts of the year have preserved its essence. The fort is surrounded by dense forests, beautiful mountains and offers 360-degree views of the valley and surrounding landscapes.

Location of Bhimgarh Fort: Reasi Town, Udhampur 182311, India
Timings of Bhimgarh Fort: 10 AM – 5 PM

8. Go Boating In Mansar Lake

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Mansar Lake is found in one of the foremost picturesque locations in Jammu and is surrounded by lush green forests and hilltops. Mansar Lake should be at the top of your list of things to try to do in Jammu at some point. A visit to the lake is a whole day undertaking. The drive from Jammu to Mansar is about 2 hours, and it’ll take you 2-3 hours to explore the world. confirm you enjoy a scenic boat ride at the lake. Also, fishing within the lake is undoubtedly among the simplest things to try to do in Jammu.

Location of Mansar Lake: Buttal, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 182127, India
Timings of Mansar Lake: 7 AM – 5 PM

9. Pray At Bahu Fort

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Make sure you include the visit to the historic Bahu Fort on your list of things to try to do in Jammu city. Built by Raja Bahu Lochan, the fort is found on the banks of the stunning Tawi River. it’s a temple dedicated to the goddess Kali and lots of beautiful terrace gardens. During the weekend, the place is crammed with devotees, and therefore the palace may be a favorite Jammu sightseeing hotspot.

Location of Kali Temple: Bahu Fort, Jammu
Timings of Kali Temple: 5 AM – 10 PM

10. Ride A Jeep Or A Camel

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Jammu and Kashmir are best seen once you are on a jeep or on a camel. Jeep safaris will make it comfortable for you to ride on rocky terrains and camel safaris will assist you to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes and allow you to learn more about the culture and traditions here. Embark upon a camel safari to soak within the colors of Jammu and Kashmir. Choosing camel safaris and jeep safaris to savor the commanding views of enthralling valleys and native villages is one of the simplest things to try to do in Jammu and Kashmir.

Best time for camel safari in Jammu: July to September

11. Seek Blessings At Raghunath Temple

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Raghunath Temple is one of the foremost beautiful Hindu shrines. It dates back to the nineteenth century. it had been built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Each of the temples within the region has a spire almost like that of Raghunath Temple. it had been built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The paintings inside them catch the eye as they depict chapters of Mahabharat, Bhagavad Geeta, and Ramayana.

Timing: 6 AM – 8 PM

12. Explore Peer Kho Cave

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Visiting Peer Kho Cave is one of the simplest things to try to do within the region of Jammu. you’ll have the time of your life here and can not be disappointed by the bevy of activities you’ll do here. The temple is one of the oldest within the city. As per archaeological records, it had been inbuilt in the fifteenth century when Raja Ajaib Dev was within the reign. the huge courtyard of the temple is what grabs the eye, especially when it is lit during Diwali.

Timing: 5 AM – 7 PM

13. Drop By Manda Zoo

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Manda Zoo may be a perfect escape especially if you’re traveling with children. it’s situated a stone’s throw faraway from Amar Singh Palace and Museum and Hari Niwas Palace at Palace Road, Janipur, Jammu. Though this often covers a rather small area, there are a plethora of exhibits here. Hog deer, porcupine, leopard, barn owl, sambhar, python, and black partridge are among the creatures you’ll expect to identify here during this zoo.

Timing: 9 AM – 6 PM

14. Marvel At Amar Mahal Palace

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Amar Mahal is situated on the proper bank of the Tawi River, on a bend of the river, in Jammu. Jammu, once a princely city, is additionally famous for forts, palaces, and temples. The Sivalik Hills or ranges to the north of the Mahal, on the Left Bank of the river, provide a grand view, with the Tawi River flowing in between, draining the valley.

Timing: 10 AM – 7 PM

15. Celebrate Spituk Gustor Zanskar

Best Things To Do in Jammu

Make sure to celebrate Spituk Gustor Zanskar while you’re there. it’s a famous Tibetan festival widely celebrated in Ladakhi monasteries of Thiksey, Spituk, and Karsha Nanzkar. The word ‘Gustor’ stands for sacrifices made on a selected day of the month. The festival is widely known on the 30th and 31st October of each year. it’s marked by special early morning prayers.


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