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25 Places to Visit in Manali

Places to Visit in Manali

Places to Visit in Manali

Beautiful Places To Visit in Manali

The highest point within the Kullu-Manali Valley, this is often one among the foremost favoured hill stations near Delhi. Located on the Beas River Valley, it rises up to a height of 6,260ft above the ocean level. Capped by a consistent layer of snow, Manali is amongst the simplest skiing destinations in India.

Attractions: Rohtang Pass, Tibetan Monasteries, Solang Valley, Temples and Beas Kund

Activities: Paragliding, Zorbing, Mountaineering, Trekking, Monastery Visits and Temple Tours

Distance from Delhi: 550km

Best time to visit: June to September

Places Visit to Manali

1. Rohtang Pass

Places to Visit in Manali

Rohtang Pass is sort of famous among Ladakh travelers but the unpredictable avalanche and severe climate make it scary some times. Nonetheless, it had made adventure seekers’ tour of Ladakh mind-blowing. A high pass at an elevation of 3978 meters above the ocean level, Rohtang is simply 51 km from Manali. it’s a neighborhood of the proud Pir Panjal Range of the mighty Himalayas and it’s one among the Kullu famous places.

It acts because the connecting link between Kullu Valley and Lahaul and Spiti Valley. Being an ancient trade route, it had been well maintained by the natives. The generic name of the pass suggests that either the pass was the oldest and therefore the most used pass. With the rise of tourists per annum , the delicate mountain ecology are going to be in threat, environmentalists worry.

But the exciting great thing about the mountain terrains seen from the highest of the pass is indescribable and flamboyant. The Indian Government started building a tunnel which is 8.5 km long to bypass Rohtang pass so as to scale back the time period and distance to Keylong, Lahaul and Spiti and Leh.

The tunnel promises to scale back the space by 50 km and therefore the time by five hours between the south and north faces of Rohtang pass. Currently, the time taken to ascend and descend the pass itself is 5-6 hours.

Height: Rohtang Pass is found at an altitude of 3978 meters above the ocean level within the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas.

Location: The pass is found about 51 kms faraway from Manali and you’ll reach the pass if you’re taking Leh- Manali Highway.

Best time to visit: The pass are going to be open from the months of May to October because the snow starts melting and therefore the paths are going to be cleared.

Places to Visit in Manali

2. Zing Zing Bar

Places to Visit in Manali

A quintessential location and a high altitude roadside bar is Zingzing situated on the road from Manali to Leh. Travelers come here to refresh with a sip of coffee or to possess food to energise the body and soul to resume their journey to Leh. The multi-purpose shacks are often availed to remain overnight also .

A space where you’ll like to roll a joint and smoke it up to flee from the acute cold. Located at an altitude of 4270 meters above the ocean level, the place is recognized to be the foremost suitable one to require rest. Peaceful ambience and therefore the silence prevailing would go away everyone hooked in to it.

The fame of ZIngzing Bar was enhanced due to Baralacha La pass also; the start line of Baralacha La, one among the foremost loved passes in Ladakh is Zingzing Bar. Thus it can’t be missed during one’s journey to Leh. The temperature level at the bar are going to be crazily as low as -2* Celsius and as you ascend from a special temperature from the bottom , chances to feel hypoxia and fluctuations within the body are quite higher.

Height: the very best roadside bar within the world is found at an elevation of 4270 meters above the ocean level before the steep Baralacha La roads starts.

Location: From Manali, Zingzing Bar is situated at a distance of 193 kms and a drive of about 3 hours will take you to the bar and from Leh it’s about 337 kms away.

Best time to visit: Zingzing Bar is found the foremost scenic during the months of December, January and February when the winter hits at its peak. For those that are checking out peace over a joint, Zingzing bar during winter would be the simplest option.

Places to Visit in Manali

3. Baralachala Pass

Places to Visit in Manali

Baralacha pass is situated within the Zanskar range. it’s a high pass located along the Leh-Manali highway that connects Leh district in Ladakh and Lahaul district in Himachal Pradesh. The barren sceneries with none obstructions of outlets or hotels here look truly beautiful to the onlookers.

Just a couple of kilometres away, you’ll also see the Bhaga river that amplifies the breathtaking sceneries round the pass. Baralacha loosely translates to a summit that has several crossroads. a number of them are Lahaul, Zanskar, Ladakh, and Spiti. it’s an important location that mountain bikers never seem to miss out on their adventures.

This 8 Km long pass is additionally loved by trekkers who are on their thanks to further climb up to Chandratal lake. It acts as an excellent pit stop for them.

Places to Visit in Manali

4. Jispa

Places to Visit in Manali

As a neighborhood of the journey itineraries travelers follow on their tour of Ladakh, they’re going to prefer to halt in Jispa, a mesmerizing village 20 km north of Keylong and seven km south of Darcha along the foremost explored Leh-Manali Highway and on the banks of Bhaga River. At a height of 3200 meters, Jipsa is found and it’s the main village in Lahaul district.

In the backdrop, the lofty Himalayan Mountains create alluring images. There are 78 households within the village and therefore the population is calculated as 332 including 235 males and 97 females. Travelers take a stopover here to remain one night during their visit Leh. There are camping grounds and lots of other stay options. The village is occupied with a helipad, post office and a monastery.

The small houses shimmering within the multiple colours of nature would go away everyone stunned. Jispa is just adorned by the rugged mountain terrains within the background and therefore the village seems so small once you see it from a distance because the towering Himalayas play the dominant role.

Height: Jispa is found at an altitude of 3200 meters above water level .

Location: Jispa Village may be a main stop for Leh travelers and it’s located 120 kms faraway from Manali. Keylong is within the north of Jispa about 20 km away and Darch is within the south about 7 km away. you’ll come to Jispa if you’re taking the Manali-Leh Highway. the closest airport to Jispa is Kullu that’s situated at a distance of 180 kms.

Best time to visit: the height tourist season is starting in May and continues till October. then , the roads are going to be covered by heavy snowflakes.

Places to Visit in Manali

5. Darcha

Places to Visit in Manali

Darcha may be a recurring name once you pack your bags for Padum trek because it is that the base camp for the moderate yet adventurous trek within the Lahaul region. Darcha may be a small village on the bank of Bhaga River in Lahaul in Spiti Lahaul District in Himachal Pradesh situated at an elevation of 3360 meters. within the northernmost a part of Himachal Pradesh along the Leh-Manali Highway is Darcha, a secluded permanent settlement.

Many have described the village as a “lonely cluster of dry stone huts and dingy tent camps”. the entire population of the village is 298 among which 152 are men and 146 are women. Travelers getting to Leh from Manali take an overnight occupy Darchu. The river nearby causes nature to be soft and calm especially in the dark in order that the travelers would find better sleep during their tiresome journey.

The popular Padum trek ends at Darcha and there are many stalls and shops on the road to only relax and have food. The village is surrounded by Naggar Tehsil, Spiti Tehsil, Bharmour Teshil. The nearby cities to the village are Keylong, Dharamshala, Mandi, and Chamba. there’s a check-point found out by the police to see the passport of all passing people and vehicles.

Height: Sarchu is found at an elevation of 3360 meters above water level .

Location: Darch is on the border of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. the closest railroad station is Shimla railroad station only that’s 174 km away. Buses and jeeps would be available in plenty to succeed in Darcha.

Best time to go: Anytime is suitable to go to Darcha but during winter the cold climate may pose difficulty to remain there.


Places to Visit in Manali

6. Manu Temple

Places to Visit in Manali

Located within the Old Manali region, you’ll reach this temple through the road that passes through the Manali civic center . Dedicated to the Indian sage Manu, this temple is that the only temple on this planet that’s dedicated to the present sage. Thus it makes to be one among the foremost sacred pilgrimages for the devotees of this saint.

Built with wood and stone, the temple offers exotic views of the Beas River and luxurious hills. ahead of the temple, an enormous cascade enhances the aesthetics of this resplendent temple. A visit to the present sacred temple in a crucial a part of the Manali tour packages.

Places to Visit in Manali

7. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary Places Visit to Manali

Places to Visit in Manali

Located only two kilometres from Manali, this wildlife sanctuary may be a naturalistic paradise that spreads over 3,000 hectares. The terrain here is characterized by lush green forests and snow capped mountains. On a visit to the present sanctuary, you’re always inundated with the sights and sounds of colourful birds and exotic flora and fauna.

While deodar, fir, chestnut, walnut and robinia are the foremost commonly found vegetation during this sanctuary, you’ll also easily spot snow leopards, brown bears, Moschus moschiferus and ibex herds within the picturesque vicinity of the sanctuary.

Addition to the present , Manali Wildlife Sanctuary may be a paradise for the birdwatchers and therefore the shutterbugs. Amongst the various rare and exotic species, a plenitude of tree creepers, kokla and kingfisher are the foremost commonly found species.

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Places to Visit in Manali

8. Old Manali

Places to Visit in Manali

If you would like to ascertain the opposite side of Manali and therefore the touristy town, just take a walk across the Manalsu River bridge and cross over into the a part of Manali that’s also referred to as ‘Old Manali’. The exotic charm of the village will cause you to desire you’ve got walked into an entire other world. The town has somehow carved out a distinct segment of its own and managed to retain the old world charm, where you’ve got the characteristic world traveller, hippie vibe in its midst, it also has the traditions of the relics of the older civilizations.

The idyllic village setting will cause you to desire you’ve got walked into the happy and hippie 1960s! The pathways are lined with swaying Eucalyptus trees and therefore the small roads pas through valleys that are abundant with greenery. The calmness of the environment is broken only by the twittering of birds and therefore the gush of the River Kullu.

Attractions: aside from the sheer mountain beauty, there are variety of places to go to in Manali old town. the foremost peculiar and must visit amongst them being the quaint eateries like Lazy Dog, Red House Café, Bob Dylan’s Café, Café m 1947 and Pizza Olive. All of those serve awesome world cuisines like Pasta, Burgers and mouthwatering Pizzas

Places to Visit in Manali

9. Mall Road Places Visit to Manali

Places to Visit in Manali

Often acknowledged because the heart of Manali, the Mall Road in Manali is that the most engaging tourist destination for the Himachal travelers. Renowned for its street shopping adventure and bustled with tons of activities, the Mall Road of Manali possesses tons of things to stay you busy for the day. Lined with multiple restaurants, cafes, and dhabas, this place is right for those that have gotten a flavor of bargaining skills deeply rooted in them.

Start your journey through the Mall Road by paying homage at the Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple. it’s got the proper blend of both architectural flavor and vibrant tones to capture together with your DSLRs’. The Sakyamuni idol is that the main shrine here.

Next, this famous commercial center possesses tons of emporiums and shops lined up for you to shop for some exquisite souvenirs. The Tibetan Style Handicrafts found here are simply astounding.

You can even the sweet smelling Tibetan-styled incense sticks and intriguing singing bowls at a number of the shops here. There are some shops at the Mall Road selling Kullu and Kinnauri shawls during a big selection of flamboyant patterns and colours .

Some other local souvenirs to dig at the Mall Road are prayer wheels, Kullu Caps, Thangkas, Dorjes, Bamboo souvenirs, Buddhist paintings, keychains, nameplates, and turquoise and silver jewelry, etc.

Shawls, Tibetan jewelry, tweed jackets, and handicrafts are somethings you ought to never miss on while strolling here. aside from these, the Mall Road in Manali features Thai Market, Dragon Shopping Complex, Hong Kong Market, New NAC Market, Shangri La Shopping Complex, and Snow Lion Underground Market.


Places to Visit in Manali

10. Hidimba Devi Temple

Places to Visit in Manali

Nestled amidst the snow-laden hillocks of Manali, the Hidimba Devi Temple, also referred to as the Dhungri temple, is an ancient place of worship revered by the Hindus. The cave temple is devoted to the Hindu demon-goddess Hidimbi. Hidimbi was the wife of Bhima, one among the five Pandava brothers who are at the forefront of the epic Mahabharata. Conceived in 1553 CE by Maharaja Bahadur Singh, the Temple is made around an ancient cave inside which Hidimbi Devi is believed to possess meditated.

Surrounded by Dhungri Van Vihar, a lush cedar forest at the foot of the Himalayas, the structure is made on a huge rock piece jutting out of the bottom . This protrusion was initially worshipped because the deity before the Temple was built. Reflecting the distinct temperament of its patron goddess, the planning of the Hidimba Temple is different than the other temples in its vicinity. With its wooden doorways, ceramic-like walls and three conical roofs covered in timber, the architecture of the Temple tells unique stories about the origins of the place within the folklore.

Hidimba Devi Temple holds very high religious and cultural significance within the Hindu community. this will be seen on special occasions just like the days of Navratri when people form long queues outside the Temple for only one glance at the Goddess. along side having great religious value, the Temple gives its visitors an entrance into the wondrous world of nature. Nestled among branching trees and fallen leaves, the Temple is surrounded by rabbits and yaks who find a natural range in the forest surrounding the Temple.

Places to Visit in Manali

11. Gulaba Manali

Places to Visit in Manali

A small village located a couple of kilometres from Manali, Gulaba is situated on the thanks to Rohtang Pass, on the Leh-Manali Highway. Named after Raja Gulab Singh of Kashmir, the village is tucked in amidst picturesque snow-capped mountains and verdant green meadows, with the Beas River adding opulence and serenity to its beauty.

Known as an excellent snowy region, Gulaba is additionally famous amongst sports and adventure enthusiasts, who drive in large numbers to the village to partake in adventure activities. a number of the main activities one can enjoy here include skiing, trekking and hiking, also as paragliding and snow-scooter riding.

The natural landscape of the village of Gulaba attracts an outsized number of tourists per annum , who come here to soak within the great thing about the place. Furthermore, the views from here are nothing but enchanting, bound to cause you to feel peaceful here. tons of the tourists who visit the Bhrigu Lake tend to prevent by at Gulaba. it’s here within the meadows of Gulaba, where you’ll even found out camps and luxuriate in the stunning sunset while stargazing at the glittery night sky.

Additionally, it’s here at Gulaba where some scenes of the famous Bollywood movie, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, were shot. Subsequently, the village has become a top spot for all kinds of travellers, from picnickers and naturalists, to those that love adventure. Yet, Gulaba remains one among the few places in Himachal Pradesh where you’ll simply shake your busy and hectic lifestyle and knowledge the serenity and tranquillity.

Places to Visit in Manali

12. Bhrigu Lake

Places to Visit in Manali

Also referred to as the ‘Pool of Gods’, Bhrigu Lake may be a majestic an picturesque water body that’s located at a distance of about 43km from the town of Manali. Each year, the lake attracts thousands of trekkers and visitors who come here to understand the serene, crystal clear blue pools of the lake as a neighborhood of their itinerary to go to Manali tourist places.

Rising to a height of about 14,100ft it’s located on the eastern courses of the Rohtang Pass. one among the various glacial lakes of the Kullu Valley, it makes up for being an ideal weekend outing on your next trip to Manali.

The lake is bordered by snowy peaks of the Himalayas on all sides and may be a moderate to difficult trekking escapade. Also nearby is that the Nehru Kund, which may be a natural water spring that’s fed by the waters of the Bhrigu Lake and is actually picturesque.

The trekking route to Bhrigu Lake starts either at the village of Gulaba or Vasishth Temple, either ways it perches you up at a height of just about 14000ft right the second day, making it one among the foremost captivating treks of the Pir Panjal Ranges. Locals of the village believe that this lake has been blessed by the sages and Gods which is why, it never freezes over completely even within the times of harsh winters.

Distance from Manali: 18 Kms

How to get there: Follow the Kullu-Naggar-Manali Road through the village of Gulaba

Best time to Visit: May to June

Attractions/Activities: Trekking

Type of destination: Trekking and non secular

Places to Visit in Manali

13. The Castle Manali

Places to Visit in Manali

Built in 1460 AD, the Naggar Castle features a unique architecture that comprises of stones and wood. a few century ago, this castle of Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu was converted into a building , and presently it’s being taken care by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

In its rechristened avatar, the castle is now The Castle Heritage Hotel. Naggar Castle came into the limelight after a bollywood movie was shot here. A grand Tibetan carnival dance was shot here and hence this castle grew in touristic prominence.

Places to Visit in Manali

14. Solang Valley

Places to Visit in Manali

Located 13 kilometers from Manali, Solang Valley is nestled away between the Beas Kund and Solang Village. The valley is legendary among tourists for its stunning views of snow-capped mountains and luxurious glaciers that attract ski fanatics from everywhere the planet .

The beauty of Solang Valley is unparalleled and lots of people visit the valley per annum just to enjoy its pristine, snow-white magnificence. Especially in winter, when the whole place is roofed by fluffy, milky white snow, the entire place appears as if it’s straight out of a movie. groves of emerald green trees dotting the pure white landscape, clear blue skies, and luxurious mountains as far because the eye can see – Solang is actually at its most splendorous in winters.

Besides admiring its unmissable picturesque landscapes, people also visit Solang Valley to enjoy various winter sports. Adventure enthusiasts love skiing within the pure, driven snow here, and when the winters ease off a touch , you’ll also try zorbing and paragliding.

The views of the place from the open sky as you paraglide through the valley are truly indescribable and wish to be witnessed to be believed. If you actually want to urge a full dose of the pristine great thing about this valley, try camping here amidst its lush green meadows.

You can also try other adventure sports like quad biking and snowmobiling in Solang Valley. For truth thrill chasers, there’s Solang Ropeway – a state of the art cabin to enjoy the sweeping views of the valley. However, if you’re traveling with family, there are several places you’ll inspect too.

The Great Himalayan park , Kothi, and Rohtang Pass bring very interesting sightseeing places. Whether you attend Solang Valley with friends or family, there’s tons to explore and luxuriate in here.

Places to Visit in Manali

15. Manali Winter Carnival

Places to Visit in Manali

Each time round the dawn of latest Year, Himachal Pradesh gets able to welcome the oncoming year with aplomb and festivities and makes up for one among the foremost exciting Manali tourist places. The festival is named Himachal Winter Carnival and it’s surely one among the foremost unique and exciting cultural experiences.

The tradition of celebrating the festival goes way back to 1977, and over the passing years the festival has assumed a much bigger and more glorious role and appearance . The Himachal Winter Carnival, that when promoted the culture of the hills with folk dances and music; has now become varied as other activities like Bazaar, Street plays, band competitions and food festivals are added.

Usually celebrated on the mall road, which is one among the busiest areas of Manali, it’s surely a festival that can’t be missed. you’ll get to ascertain colourful dancers, upbeat music of the hills, yummy food and most of all get to understand what the heart beat of the people of Manali really is!

Ideal dates to travel: Jan 02 – Jan 06, 2016

Attractions: Cultural extravaganza


-Folk Dances




Places to Visit in Manali

16. Arjun Gufa (Arjun Cave)

Places to Visit in Manali

Located towards Naggar and 4km from Manali, this is often a cave where once Arjun, the Pandava king meditated. Situated near the Prisni village, visiting the Arjun Gufa may be a good excursion for a few day. Surrounding this cave, are resplendent natural settings including snow capped mountains and streams.

More than the mythological aspect of this cave, it’s the visual appeal of those rocky structures that endear you during your Manali trip. Take a stroll around this cave and embrace the richness of its green ambience; enjoy the exotic views from this region and put colours to your imaginations by festing your eyes on scenic views.


Places to Visit in Manali

17. Malana

Places to Visit in Manali

The lands that hold the strongest relics of adventure are often not spoken about, which is why you would like to go to the mysterious hills of Malana for an adventure you’ll never forget! Malana is an ancient village that lies to the north – east of the Kullu Valley and this solitary village is found at an altitiude of 9,938ft above water level . The village of Malana is connected to Kullu by three mountain passes. Many trekkers have traversed these mountains in search of adventure and discovered wonders that they need brought back home with them. So grab your gear and head to the present oldest democracy within the world and trek up the famous and intimidating Chanderkhani Pass and Rashol Pass.

Distance from Delhi: 543km

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

Attractions: Chandrakhani Pass, Kais wildlife sanctuary, Parvati Valley, Shiv Mandir, Hot Springs

Activities: Trekking, Sightseeing and Hiking

Places to Visit in Manali

18. Kasol

Places to Visit in Manali

Located within the Parvati valley between Capitol Hill stations of Bhuntar and Manikaran, Kasol is an idyllic valley rich with stunning views of the Himalayan peaks Kasol is one among the foremost popular weekend getaways from Delhi, located at a distance of about 528km from the capital.

The untouched beauty, quiet surroundings, low population and a comparatively moderate climate throughout the year, attracts backpackers to Kasol year after year. it’s also the beginning point of varied treks like Sar pass, Pin Parvati and Khirganga. The Youth Hostels of India have a really strong presence here and are usually those organizing the treks in and around Kasol.

Distance from Delhi: 528km

Best time to visit: October to June

Attractions: Quiet and serene Valleys

Activities: Trekking, Nature Walks, Culture

Places to Visit in Manali


19. Vashist Hot Water Springs & Temple

Places to Visit in Manali

Vashist is found near the Beas River and a brief distance from the Rohtang Pass. Although a quaint village, this place is filled with tourists. The highlight attractions here are the recent water springs and two temples. One temple is devoted to Vashist Muni. there’s also a Lord Ram temple here.

Of things to try to to in Manali, you’ll have a dip within the predicament springs. Devotees believe that this water possesses healing powers. These natural hot sulphur springs are divided into two tanks. One tank is for men and therefore the other for girls . Interestingly, shower fitted baths have also been erected accessible .

Places to Visit in Manali

20. Pandoh Dam

Places to Visit in Manali

Are you in Kullu for your honeymoon? Then the Pandoh dam may be a must-visit place. Located on the River Beas within the Mandi district, the Pandoh dam is an appealing destination to all or any . This place holds a prominent position, being easily accessible from both Kullu and Manali. This quaint spot also proffers boating facilities.

Imagine, sailing within the midst of the Mother Nature together with your wife . This place has the facility to reinforce the romance in your life in every way. shake your hectic schedule and be in awe of God’s stunning creations.

Places to Visit in Manali

21. Beas River

Places Visit to Manali

The Beas river which is additionally referred to as Vipasha in Sanskrit, is one among the foremost important and holy rivers that flows through the states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Carrying with it years of history, legends and folklore, it’s one among the longest rivers within the northern provinces of India flowing for a complete of 470km in its entire course and length.

At Manali, the river passes through dense, evergreen forests of pine, deodar and birch also snowy mountains of the lower Himalayas. it’s a water body that flows all year round and provides drinking and usable water to residents of Kullu and Manali. It attracts tourists, adventurists and pilgrims from everywhere the planet to its awe inspiring flows and provides a shocking backdrop for all of your Himalayan adventures including the joys of Rafting




-Skiing at Rohtang Pass



Places Visit to Manali

22. Rahala Waterfalls

Places to Visit in Manali

Located at about 17km from Manali, the gorgeous Rahala Falls is additionally amongst the famous tourist spots in Manali. Situated during a region that results in the Rohtang Pass, the environment to the present cascade is an ideal habitat for picnic lovers.

Trekking routes during this region are a pure delight to the trekkers and also takes them through lush and forests, scenic landscapes and lots of more. These trails also are popular amongst the character photographers. Be it the aromatic air or dense common birch trees, a visit to the present waterfall offers you with pristine views and keeps you immersed within the lap of the character .

Places Visit to Manali

23. Tibetan Monastery

Places to Visit in Manali

The Tibetan Monastery in Manali is one among the main tourist attractions of the place. Many residents within the place make amazingly beautiful handicrafts by which they struggle and lure more customers with. People love buying this at attractive prices and take it as a memory from this place.

Location: There are two local Tibetan Monasteries in Manali. One is found near the mall within the city and therefore the other one is at Pangran, which is around 8 KM from Patlikuhl.

Highlight: This monastery is sort of famous for weaving unique and colorful carpets. Most of the local people contribute to the handmade art and craft that’s sold through the monasteries. you’ll surely like to buy them after seeing how beautiful they’re .

Best time to go to : intrinsically there’s no specific best time to visit the monastery. But if you’re planning a visit to Manali, it might be best to avoid the season as you would not be ready to enjoy everything here.

Places Visit to Manali

24. Jogini Waterfalls

Places to Visit in Manali

25. Cafe 1947

One of the oldest and best known cafes in Old Manali, Café 1947 was its first music café. Resting easily on the banks of the gushing waters of Manalsu River, it’s a quaint albeit a highly recommended and a gorgeous place to satisfy your taste buds.

On any given day, it’s not uncommon to ascertain a live music jam happening at one among the booths at an equivalent time because the patrons enjoy the delicious servings of world, Indian and European cuisine. Get your favorite book and relish the stories with some ginger or lemon tea in your hands. The café also hosts quite few live gigs at regular intervals.


Wednesday – 7 PM – 12 AM

Thursday – Tuesday 11 AM – 12 AM


-Burger of Bodom


-Dimebag (the burgers)


-Slayer (the pizzas)

-Metallica (the pasta)


Places Visit to Manali

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