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10 Places To Visit In Kasauli In 2021 For Nature Lovers

Places To Visit In Kasauli For Nature Lovers

Places to Visit in Kasauli
Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

10 Best Places To Visit In Kasauli For A Surreal Experience

Imagine witnessing a stunning view of the sunset while you swing within the lap of nature. believe ascending many steps to succeed in a famous temple, and walking on a trail that results in heaven. Sounds pretty fascinating, right? Well, you don’t need to imagine this anymore then because the places to visit in Kasauli will actually allow you to experience it all. Yes, you read that right!

Located within the Solan district of Himachal, Kasauli may be a quaint town, home to the foremost paradisiacal attractions that provide a soul-satisfying & mind-blowing experience. and every one of those attractions is often witnessed easily within one to 2 days. So, there isn’t any reason in the least why you shouldn’t plan your next weekend getaway there!

1. Gilbert Trail

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One of the foremost beautiful and therefore the best places to visit in Kasauli, Gilbert Trail is literally a paradise. Surrounded by greenery on both edges, it is a 1.5 km long stone walkway that will begin from Lover’s Lane and lead you straight into the lap of nature. aside from lush greenery and lovely flora which will surely delight the character admirer in you, this place is additionally an honest spot for bird watching in Kasauli. it’s one among the simplest places to ascertain in Kasauli. 

2. Sunset Point  Tourist Attractions in Spain

Tourist Attractions in Spain

An ideal place for photography enthusiasts, nature admirers, and adventure lovers, the Sunset Point in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, is one place should get on the highest of your ‘things to try to to in Kasauli’ list. Located on hilly terrain, this place is surrounded by absolute calmness and wonder. Though what really makes it unique is that the swing installed here, on which you’ll sit and luxuriate in the breathtaking view of the sunset. Places to Visit in Kasauli

3. Manki Point

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Of all the Kasauli sightseeing places, the Manki Point is one among the foremost popular tourist attractions that you simply should definitely visit during your trip. Being the purpose is that the highest within the region, this place isn’t a standard monkey spotting point, but the town’s Air Force Station where you’ll witness everything from their arms & ammunition to breathtaking views. aside from this, there’s also a Hanuman Temple at the highest, which is believed to be the resting point of Lord Hanuman at the time when was carrying the sanjeevani booti! it’s definitely one of the simplest places to visit in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh.

4. Christ Church

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Of all the places in your Kasauli sightseeing tour, confirm you actually include a visit to the famous Christ Church. Located near Mall Road, this place may be a historical landmark within the town since it’s the oldest church of Himachal. Both it’s Gothic and therefore the cemetery around it’ll leave you so spellbound that you simply wouldn’t desire to leave this place. Places to Visit in Kasauli

5. Sunrise Point

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Kasauli isn’t just home to a Sunset Point, but also a Sunrise Point, which ensures anyone who visits it’s an impeccable start to his or her day. Formerly referred to as Hawa Ghar, this Kasauli tourist attraction is found in the Lower Mall area. While you’ll capture a wide-ranging view of the sunrise early within the morning here, you’ll also visit this place later within the day for a few nature photography. little question it’s among the highest places to go to in Kasauli for all travel photographers, nature lovers, and couples! Places to Visit in Kasauli

6. Gurkha Fort

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Located at the uphills within the Parwanoo region within the town of Subathu, this fort is one among the foremost spectacular places to travel in Kasauli. It houses 180-year old canons that were used during the Gurkha wars and has ancient frescoes on its walls. Surrounded by a forest of scrubs, pines, and eucalyptus trees, you’ll pamper both the character admirer and history buff within while you’re at this place. Places to Visit in Kasauli

7. The Mall Road

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Ideal for both shopaholics and foodies, the Mall Road is amongst the simplest places to go to in Kasauli in summer and even in winter. From offering colorful fabrics & handicrafts to lip-smacking local delicacies & fresh drinks, this place is that the ultimate spot to hold a call in the town. And since there’s no specific best time to go to this place, you’ll spend hours here and capture unforgettable memories. it’s indeed one of the simplest Kasauli tourist places. Places to Visit in Kasauli

8. Kasauli Brewery

Places to Visit in Kasauli

While the Kasauli hill station offers a respite from the warmth even during the summers, this brewery may be an excellent spot to go to in Kasauli in June if you’re still trying to find ways to relax. Established by Edward Dyer within the 1820s, this is often one among the oldest distilleries for Scotch in Asia. So, after you’ve explored the place, be happy to take a seat here and luxuriate in a glass of drink together with your loved ones till late within the evening. Places to Visit in Kasauli


9. Timber Trail Resort

Places to Visit in Kasauli

Spread over two mighty hills, the Timber Trail Resort may be a delightful part of the town that’s connected by a car. The resort is situated in Parwanoo, a few 40 km distances from Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, and makes up for an excellent holiday destination and a charmer for families with kids due to the car ride it offers. Located atop a mountain amid pine forests, the resort also offers breathtaking views of the whole town also because of the meandering Kaushalya River. Covering about 2 km in but 10 minutes, the car features a capacity to hold about 10-12 people from the resort premises over to Timber Hill Heights, an excellent spot for viewing the sunset.

Places to Visit in Kasauli

10. Central Research Institute

Places to Visit in Kasauli

Currently managed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Central Research Institute (or CRI) was established by the Britishers during the colonial rule of India. Now a gorgeous campus involved in various diligent research and development activities, the institute lures in travelers from around the world who are fascinated by its architecture and therefore the colonial connections. aside from the architecture, the institute also gains its popularity from the very fact that it’s successfully devised vaccines for the treatment of varied ailments like smallpox, cholera, snakebite, and even typhoid. Currently, it’s performing on curbing diseases like measles and polio together with the planet Health Organisation. Places to Visit in Kasauli


Tips For Visiting The Kasauli Hill Station

Places to Visit in Kasauli
  • While Kasauli may be a beautiful hill station that will be visited throughout the year, confirm you check the weather before planning your trip for an impeccable experience.
  • Do check the timings of each attraction before visiting it.
  • Make sure you wear sturdy shoes while visiting Gilbert Train since the trail are often a touch slippery sometimes.
  • Every place in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, is picturesque and price capturing. So, confirm you carry an honest camera along.
  • Since Manki Point is an Air Force Station, it restricts the entry of any quiet electronics or gadgets. To confirm you either leave them in your car or hotel or deposit them at the entry itself. 
  • While visiting Gurkha Fort, confirm you carry a bottle along to stay hydrated.
  • Though Kasauli may be a village, attempt to like better to plan a visit of a minimum of 2 to three days in order that you don’t only have enough time to go to of these attractions, but even have time to relax within the lap of nature.
    If you’re trying to find a blissful holiday in Kasauli, prefer booking a hotel that’s located far away from the bustling town market and areas.
  • While shopping at the Mall Road in Kasauli, don’t forget to prevent by at an area restaurant and enjoys its delicacies for an authentic gastronomical experience.

Places to Visit in Kasauli

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