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Secret Places In Udupi You Have To Visit

Udupi is a small coastal town in the Indian state of Karnataka, famous for its acclaimed temples.

Secret Places In Udupi You Have To Visit


Udupi is a small coastal town in the Indian state of Karnataka, famous for its acclaimed temples. Udupi is also well-known all over India for its signature cuisine, which is mainly vegetarian. The town lies surrounded by the Arabian sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other. You will find several Udupi hotels from budget inns to premium beach resorts. Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, Chandreshwara Temple, Anantheshwara Temple, Brahmavar Temple are some of the most visited temples in the city. St. Mary’s Island, Malpe Beach, and Kaup beach are famous beach destinations. Udupi has many more hidden delights if you wish to explore the place more deeply.


1. Mattu Beach

Mattu Beach is a calm and secluded beach, 11 km from Udupi town and very near to the Srikrishna temple. You can take a stroll along the long and clean seashore. The white sands and the blue sea gives you ample shots to capture in the lens. End your day at the beach by witnessing the beautiful sunset. Remember to carry your own refreshments as there are hardly any shops or eateries in the area.


2. Kudumari Falls

Situated in the Chaktikal village in Kundapura these falls cascade from a height of around 300 meters, and are a sight to behold. Surrounded by lush greenery, one has to trek for around 4 km through the forest to reach the falls. The trek is made of rocky terrain and will offer you scenic views. It is best to avoid visiting the falls during monsoons as water levels are dangerously high and the trekking route is not safe during the time.


3. Swarna river banks

This is a stunning place to spend your evening at leisure. The Swarna River is located in Manipal which is very close to Udupi at a distance of around 8 km. The sunset and sunrise from the river banks are indeed an amazing sight to catch with sun rays imparting a shimmer to the waters. The riverside is perfect for a session of yoga or meditation. One can also visit the nearby Hiriadka Baje Dam built across the river.


4. Malyadi Bank Sanctuary

Malyadi Bank Sanctuary  

If bird watching is your preferred activity, head to Malyadi Bird Sanctuary in Kundapur. Malyadi is a small village with both resident and migratory birds visiting the site. The place is an abandoned clay quarry that is being preserved and promoted by the combined efforts of the locals and the government. Golden Plover, Wood Sandpiper, Red, and Greenshank are a few of the many migratory birds sighted here. Many of these birds arrive during the winters and leave before the first monsoon rains. Resident birds like Pond Heron, Cattle Egret, Reef Heron can be found in plenty here.


5. Sasthana Kodi backwaters

When in Udupi head to the lesser-known Sasthana Village for a leisurely backwater experience. The place is situated at a distance of 20 km from Udupi town. These backwaters formed by the rivers Kodi and Sita are enchanting and attract many tourists from the state and nearby areas. Local traditional boats are available for cruising through the serene waters while enjoying the scenic landscapes of Udupi.

Do remember to book a hotel in Udupi in advance for a pleasant and hassle-free holiday.

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