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Why You Should Visit Dubai At Least Once In Your Lifetime

The glitziest of the seven Emirates, Dubai swings in the extremities by striving for the superlatives that include the highest, the tallest, the largest, the fastest, and the biggest.

Why You Should Visit Dubai At Least Once In Your Lifetime


The glitziest of the seven Emirates, Dubai swings in the extremities by striving for the superlatives that include the highest, the tallest, the largest, the fastest, and the biggest.

Some of the world’s tallest buildings here share space with the grandest of malls, swanky eating out districts, thrilling water rides, elaborate man-made islands, and a culture that has old-world Arab hospitality at its core. Dubai’s arid weather notwithstanding, it pulsates with life at all times of the year bringing in visitors from the world over who find a reason to be a part of its burgeoning cultural scene. From shopping at the souks that hawk everything from the purest of gold to spices and perfume, to exploring its nightlife alive with an array of bars and pubs opening up sweeping waterfront views, at Dubai you are never out of choices. View various activities in Dubai you can indulge in.

And now we give you seven reasons you should make it to Dubai at least once in your lifetime.


1. You can go skiing in Dubai

Dubai Ski Resort

If the dry heat of the desert is getting to you, simply buy tickets for the Dubai Ski Resort, and be transported to an Alberta where you will be surrounded by slopes covered in snow. At 20,000 square meters, this is the world’s largest indoor snow park. And even if you are not a trained skier, you can test your skiing prowess on actual slopes of snow with help from experts. Comprising slopes with changing difficulty levels, professional skiers can have a field day at this snow park. You can rent equipment and other paraphernalia, and even keep your kids engaged at the snow-themed play area.


2. You can live 20-foot under the sea in Dubai

20-foot under the sea

The mythical land of Atlantis is no more a legend, for Dubai has recreated this piece of fantasy to the last detail with a hotel by the name of Hydropolis. A German engineering gem, Hydropolis has rooms designed in keeping with the folklore of the lost city of Atlantis, about 20 meters under the sea where schools of exotic fish swim about night and day, and you feel like a scuba diver but without the gear and without even getting wet, staring at the marine life from the comfort of your plush lodging. This partially submerged property, little wonder, is an architectural masterpiece of the contemporary age.


3. You can go dune bashing in the Arabian Desert

Dune bashing

Dubai’s position in the heart of the Arabian Desert makes it ideal for dirt biking, and dune bashing expeditions. Ride the gigantic sand dunes on a dirt bike and while you do, try to outwit your opponent. It is of some importance that there are no speed checks, and you have the liberty to venture out as far as you like. Or you can opt for a quad bike and explore the barren beauty of the desert bobbing in and out of the massive dunes. The dune bashing session often culminates with an evening of watching belly dancing and tucking into a hearty barbeque fare in the middle of the desert.


4. You can get up close to the sharks

Aquaventure Waterpark

Swimming with sharks is a reality in Dubai as the Aquaventure Waterpark, a part of Atlantis The Palm, has some fascinating aqua activities that will send your adrenaline surging. It doesn’t take a professional scuba diver to get to the depths of the ocean and explore its brilliant underwater life, an amateur too can do it clad in a scuba helmet and sauntering into the shark tank. To witness the sharks swim all around you will make your hair stand on end.


5. You can explore the Sheesha bars in Old Dubai

Shop selling sheesha

A walk down the lanes of Old Dubai will lead you to one of its most popular districts, Karama, known for its fragrant Sheeshas. Once you enter this lane forgotten in time, a slew of Sheesha joints, bakeries, and Shawarma stalls will catch your attention. You need about half a day at leisure to explore its colorful Sheesha bars and try out their aromatic Sheesha along with some sumptuous barbeque fare. The traditional Sheesha joints are done up in quintessential Arab style with overtly ornate interiors interspersed with mirrors and velvet. And while at Karama, pop into one of the bakeries for some sweet Arabic tea. This trip will reveal the modern, cosmopolitan Emirate to you in a new light.


6. You can shop for some exotic spices

Spice Souk

Head to one of the spice souks and pick up armloads of exotic, unadulterated spices of the likes of cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, turmeric, chili, star anise, vanilla, and black pepper. A heady pungency wafts out of this place, and can be quite an assault to your senses, but be assured you will be spoilt for choice as you go from one stall to the other examining the spices in unearthly colors heaped up in pretty carts. A visit to a spice souk will tell you why Arabic cuisine is so aromatic and laced with spices. Don’t forget to pick up a big jar of the famous Arabic dates from here. They are large, fleshy, and sweet, a perfect snack and pudding topping.


7. You can even get a 24K gold facial in Dubai

Gold Souk

If your idea of a holiday in Dubai is to pamper yourself with a nice spa therapy followed by some facial, you must give this unique gold facial a shot. A facial mask made of 24 karat gold when applied boosts the complexion outside of clearing out dark spots and skin pigmentation. Get a Cleopatra-like pampering as you let expert beauticians stack your face with thin foils of gold. Owing to gold’s antioxidant properties, the skin is left feeling soft and glowing. These facials can be both cheap and expensive, depending on the composition you choose and from where you get it done. Jumeirah Zabeel Saray in Palm Jumeirah offers the most elaborate, and of course expensive, gold facial ritual complete with an oil massage, a milk-scented jacuzzi bath followed by a caviar meal with champagne in your private suite. You can head out to the Dubai Mall for less expensive versions.


There is a lot more you can do in Dubai such as watch the splendor of the dancing Dubai fountains, or get a bird’s eye view of the Emirate from the top of the Burj Khalifa, one of the world’s tallest buildings at 2,722 feet. Whatever you do, you will still have a lot more left to cover on your next vacation.

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