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Recounting My Trip To The Devrai Art Village

Being an artist, my trip to the Devrai Art Village was truly a dream come true. Before I decided to pack my bags and head off to the Devrai Art Village

Recounting My Trip To The Devrai Art Village


Being an artist, my trip to the Devrai Art Village was truly a dream come true. Before I decided to pack my bags and head off to the Devrai Art Village, I decided to go online and find out the best deals that the hotels in Panchgani had to offer. I found one of the Panchgani hotels that were pocket-friendly provided with the best package and were also located quite near to the Devrai Art Village.
Here’s a lowdown on how to explore the Devrai Art Village



The Devrai Art Village remains open from 9 in the morning to 8 in the evening. It takes a couple of minutes to reach the village from Panchgani. Being an early riser, I had breakfast at the hotel and left for the Village shortly. It was almost a child-like excitement that I experienced since it was the first time I was visiting the Devrai Art Village.



The founder of this one-of-a-kind art village is Mandakini Mathur. She founded the village in 2008 along with her husband Atul Mathur. The concept evolved when Mandakini Mathur met Suresh Pungati, an Adivasi who was a talented artist as well as a teacher and a National Award winner. The project commenced with only five craftsmen.


Special facts

Name: The name Devrai means ‘sacred village.’
What it offers: A unique product range with a distinctive style combining iron, fabric, bamboo, stone, and wood made by Adivasi craftsmen.

Training: There is a center to help the craftsmen share their expertise with students, locals and apprentices. As an artist, it was a treat to watch the Adivasis interact with the students while they were designing abstract Ganeshas!

Locals: I had an opportunity to interact with the locals and they invited me to their charming huts and allowed me to watch them work! They even let me extend a hand, and I was thrilled. I got to see how they transformed the raw material into a rare work of art. The Adivasis have also been trained on the marketing of their goods and it was wonderful to see their enthusiasm when it came to selling their wares.

Umbar Tree: I looked at the iconic Umbar tree and understood why it has been the inspiration for the Devrai Art Village. It had numerous branches symbolic of the spread of art and culture among the Adivasis.


Devrai Rock Dokra

This is the specialty of the Devrai Art Village. It is here that stone and metal have been merged to give birth to this unique form of art, Rock Dokra. I gave the artists my specifications and the end result was unbelievable!


Gift Shop

I was spoilt for choice at the gift shop which had rare artifacts made with the traditional Dokra and stone. Prices start from Rs. 2500/- for the gifts.
Art Pieces: I decided to pick up some art pieces for my mantelpiece as well as some very useful items for everyday use like spoons also made from the Dokra-stone combination.

Paintings: There are some finely crafted dokra-stone designs in the paintings.

Pendants: The pedants depicted Adivasis and nature themes.


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Written by Shivam H


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