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Top 4 Luxury Yoga Destinations Across Europe

Yoga continues to be a buzzword among the rich and the famous, with several notable figures around the world resorting to this ancient practice that originated in India.

Top 4 Luxury Yoga Destinations Across Europe


Yoga continues to be a buzzword among the rich and the famous, with several notable figures around the world resorting to this ancient practice that originated in India. It is considered the panacea for attaining spiritual, mental, and physical peace and well-being. However, it has been uplifted to new levels of luxury and glamor, with resorts offering to pamper you in all ways – body, mind, and soul!
So, if you want a lowdown on the best and the most luxurious yoga retreats in Europe here is your find-out list!

1. Silver Island Yoga, Greece

Silver Island Yoga

For the best of luxury interlaced with yoga and wellness, the Silver Island Yoga Retreat in Greece is the perfect place where you can enjoy a calming yoga retreat surrounded by the beauty of the Grecian landscapes.
Your day would ideally begin with some light pre-yoga snack including dried fruits, nuts, and tea or coffee, followed by a relaxing yoga session out in the open so that you can embrace the natural beauty of the hills and pretty pebbled beaches. Your second yoga session will begin later in the afternoon. Apart from the time reserved for the yoga sessions, you can enjoy leisurely walks or go kayaking and the beautiful beaches that Greece is known for.

2. LLUXYOGA (France)


As the name suggests, this yoga retreat in the South of France is ideal for people who always seek the uber-luxurious in life. Think private villas, lush greenery, natural surroundings, personalized services, and of course the best of yoga!
Enjoy the picture-perfect view of the Provence and a breath-taking panorama of the Bay of Nice. You can take your pick from Bikram yoga or Vinayasa yoga and enlighten yourself about either form of yoga taught by the highly skilled yogis. Apart from this, you can choose to opt for a custom-made yoga experience here. Your costs for the stay will vary on the basis of the accommodation you choose.

3. Sardinia Yoga (Sardinia), Italy

Sardinia Yoga

If you are looking for a luxury vacation where you can mix leisure with yoga, Sardinia Yoga in Italy is the place to be. With no hard and fast timelines to abide by, you can take the much-needed break from your hectic schedule for this luxurious yoga vacation! Organized between August and September, you can enjoy the pristine Sardinian air, and leisurely wine tasting sessions at the wineries or even take boat rides to explore the coasts of Sardinia. For adventure lovers, scuba diving in the brilliant blue waters is a must!
The yoga sessions are conducted amid the tranquillity of the beachfront in the mornings, followed by a light and healthy breakfast. So indulge in some Hatha yoga sessions or Vinyasa Flow to refresh your mind and soul. You later get to enjoy a brunch-style meal with other guests and a chance to mingle and socialize!

4. Les Passeroses, France

Farmlands of southwest France

Set in the picturesque and pristine farmlands of southwest France, you can enjoy Yoga conducted by therapists in the dedicated yoga centers on the property. Depending on the kind of yoga therapy to suit your requirements, your instructor will chalk out a timetable of relaxing therapies. They have a yoga calendar that you can consult to book specific workshops with specialized trainers.
Enjoy the practice of yoga amid the calm, rustic countryside. Usually, there are two yoga sessions conducted in a day. Also, the countryside is lovely for quiet strolls in the crispy evening air. While you will only find vegetarian food here, the spread will not disappoint you, as the produce is sourced fresh from the property’s own gardens.

Yoga is not just a form of exercise, it is a better way of life. And when you mix yoga with luxury, the result is a wonderful amalgamation of all good things in life! So visit these fantastic ethereal destinations to elevate your yoga experience!

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