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Top 10 Places to visit in Switzerland

Beautiful Places to visit in Switzerland

Places to visit in Switzerland

Ready to explore majestic Switzerland? Whether you’re visiting or relocating, don’t miss these top 10 places to visit in Switzerland.

Switzerland could also be small but it’s an entire host of great places to go to. From breathtaking mountain peaks to dreamy turquoise lakes and a countryside suffering from ancient wonders, Switzerland really does have something for everybody.

In fact, there’s such a lot packed into Switzerland’s borders that ex-pats and visitors alike will find it difficult to make a decision where to go next. But fear not! With our guide to the highest 10 places to visit in Switzerland, you’ll soon be exploring the stunning great thing about this unforgettable Alpine gem.

1. The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn

This pyramid-shaped giant is one of the world’s most photographed mountains, which suggests it’s definitely a top place to go to in Switzerland. Standing at a powerful 4,478 meters, thrill-seeking mountaineers from around the globe descend on Switzerland to aim for the summit. If you’re not feeling quite so energetic, why not stick with the car? The mountain is home to the very best cable car station within the Alp, which offers some excellent views of the peak and beyond. It really doesn’t get far more Swiss than a visit to the Matterhorn. Places to visit in Switzerland


2. Chateau de Chillon Places to visit in Switzerland

Chateau de Chillon

No trip to the Swiss River is complete on faith out the medieval Chateau de Chillon. Located on an island in Lake Geneva near the favored town of Montreux, the castle dates back to the 10th century, when it had been used as a strategic water fort. It then became a lakeside summer home for the rich Counts of Savoy, when the castle rooms were adorned with all manner of art and treasures visitors can enjoy today. The castle is Switzerland’s most-visited historical monument and is certainly a must-see while you’re exploring the country. Places to visit in Switzerland


3. Jungfraujoch

3. Jungfraujoch

The Jungfraujoch is an Alpine wonderland that fully deserves its nickname of the “Top of Europe”. Technically a glacier saddle between two mountains, the Jungfraujoch is one the simplest – and highest – attractions in Switzerland. And don’t let the altitude put you off – there’s plenty for the entire family up there, from hiking to tobogganing and far more. However, perhaps the foremost impressive attraction is that the world-famous Jungfrau railway. Starting at Kleine Scheidegg, the train climbs up to three,454 meters above water level to Jungfraujoch, the very best railroad station in Europe. Places to visit in Switzerland


4. Schweizerischer National Park

Schweizerischer National Park

In a country with amazing scenery at every turn, it is often hard to understand where to travel. But one thing sure is that you’ll want to go to the Swiss National Par near Zernez. because the country’s only park, it’ll offer you a thought of how the Alps were before tourism. From snow-crusted glaciers to captivating meadows, this place has it all. There are many hiking trails to settle on from, each taking visitors past unforgettable sights. And, if you’re lucky you would possibly catch sight of a number of the park’s local residents – red squirrels, ibexes, and Cervus elaphus all call this park home. Places to visit in Switzerland


5. 5. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

Stretching from Geneva within the west to Lausanne within the east, Lake Geneva is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful places. From the international bustle of Geneva to the various vineyards that crawl up the hillsides around the lake, there’s plenty to try to do within the surrounding region. And there’s tons of activity on the lake, too. Windsurfing, water skiing, and kayaking are all possible for more active visitors to the world. Or, if you’re feeling a touch lazier, you’ll simply sit back and absorb the sweetness of the lake from the deck of a paddle-wheeler because it crosses the water. Places to visit in Switzerland

6. Lugano

6. Lugano

See Switzerland in a whole new light with a visit to the southern city of Lugano. Nestled on the shores of the breathtaking Lake Lugano, the town dubbed the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland” blends Swiss and Italian cultures into an unforgettable weekend break. Home to many museums and warmed by Mediterranean breezes, you would possibly even think you’re in nearby Italy once you visit. Outside the town, impressive villas are sprinkled around the lush hillsides that rise from the lake. Places to visit in Switzerland


7. Bern

7. Bern

Not only is that the medieval city of Bern Switzerland’s capital, but it’s also one of its most enchanting places to go to. Walk around the old town’s narrow cobblestone stones and you’ll soon realize just why the neighborhood is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All across Bern’s historic center, you’ll find an entire host of boutiques, bars, and bears. Yes, that’s right, a family of bears – the city’s symbol – lives at the city’s aptly named Bear Park just across the river from the old town. If that wasn’t enough, the town hosts many lively markets, including some memorable Christmas markets during Advent. Places to visit in Switzerland


8. Lucerne

8. Lucerne

In a country of picture-perfect lakeside cities, it doesn’t get far more impressive than Lucerne. Surrounded by three large mountains, the compact medieval city sits on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Wandering around the captivating old town, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped into a painting. There are ancient churches, bustling squares, and many boutiques to explore as you marvel at the architectural wonder of the town. But the highlight is that the Chapel Bridge, a covered wooden bridge that has been connecting the middle of Lucerne since 1333. Places to visit in Switzerland


9. Rhine Falls

9. Rhine Falls

As Europe’s most powerful waterfall, it’s easy to ascertain why Rhine Falls is one of the highest things to try to do in Switzerland. Visitors can absorb the sweetness of the waterfall – located near the northern town of Schaffhausen – from several viewing decks. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you’ll even rent a canoe and inspect some nearby castles from the water. Every August, the falls host a spectacular firework display that draws visitors from around the country as a part of Switzerland’s National Day celebrations. Places to visit in Switzerland


10. Zurich

10. Zurich

And last but not least, no list of the highest things to try to do in Switzerland would be complete without mentioning Zurich. the most important Swiss city, Zurich is additionally the social and cultural hub of the country. In fact, despite its world-renowned financial offerings, Zurich features a surprisingly bustling social scene. From the favored Pride parade to Europe’s largest street rave, there are tons happening. And, if all that wasn’t enough, the city’s pretty easy on the attention – from the charming streets of the old town to the stunning scenery of Lake Zurich.

Places to visit in Switzerland

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