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Offbeat Places In Andaman For The Avid Traveller

hether you want to find an escape from your mundane life or delve into the world of adventures, Andaman Island has everything to quench

Offbeat Places In Andaman For The Avid Traveller


Whether you want to find an escape from your mundane life or delve into the world of adventures, Andaman Island has everything to quench your travel thirst. So search for a suitable Andaman Nicobar tour package and start planning your vacation.

Flaunting a unique combination of surreal landscapes and adventure sites, Andaman has become the favored hotspot for travel buffs. Though the island has captivated the hearts of umpteen tourists, there are still many places to visit in Andaman which remain unexplored. Here is the list of best offbeat places on the land of Andaman which are waiting to enthrall you with their unique offerings.


1. Cinque Island

Immensely popular for its underwater coral garden, Cinque Island is another isolated beauty of Andaman which is subdivided into South Cinque and North Cinque. The place is known for its rich flora and fauna which will leave you stunned by their magnificence. From turtles, colorful fishes, and seaweeds to water snakes, and starfish, one can explore a huge variety of marine species on the island.

In addition to this, Cinque island also attracts travelers with its tranquil ambiance and scenic offerings. By facilitating adventure sports such as fishing, camping, snorkeling, and scuba diving, it has enough ways to please the adventure junkies too. One can reach this place by availing of boat service from Port Blair, which is situated 40 KM away from the island.


2. Barren Island

Barren Island

Living up to its name, Barren Island is one of those secluded spots of Andamans which are the epitome of serenity and peace. Though unexplored by many, this island has everything that one might want on their holiday escape. The island houses a tiny population of rodent species, flying foxes, and goats. Due to its undisturbed visual appeal and peaceful surroundings, it has also emerged as a popular romantic destination. Couples, in large numbers, visit this place to relish some peaceful moments of togetherness. The water that surrounds the island offers a perfect opportunity to try the water sports such as scuba diving. Basalt formation, turquoise blue water, and coral gardens are some of the key attractions which should not be missed at this island.

Barren Island is presently home to India’s solitary active volcano. For around 150 years it had been lying dormant. However, since 1992, it has exhibited some kind of intermittent lava erupting activities. There are two ways to reach Barren Island, you can either take a seaplane from Port Blair or catch a ferry ride which usually takes three rounds around the Island and back.


3. Ross Island

Historical monuments, enthralling water sports, and natural splendor – Ross Island has everything that makes it an ideal getaway. Take a boat ride to get a clear view of underwater corals through the glass floor or visit the Ross Island Museum which narrates a tale of the intriguing past of the place. If you wish to try something new, don’t miss out on the light and sound show which is organized in the evening hours. This show gives you a sneak-peek into the rich history of the island in an interesting manner.

The island with its rich vegetation and dense forests also forms an idyllic spot for nature lovers who can spend a peaceful day here away from the bustling city life. Ross Island lies in close proximity to the Water Sports Complex and this is why a large number of tourists who visit here engage in aquatic sports such as jet skiing, scuba diving, and swimming. This island is usually a part of most Andaman Honeymoon packages too.


4. Jolly Bouy Island

If you are looking for the best snorkeling destination on the beautiful land of Andamans, your search might come to an end with Jolly Bouy Island. This island falls under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Reserve and remains open from the month of October to April. For visiting this island, one needs to get a prior permit which can easily be arranged by the travel companies.

The turquoise blue water and enthralling boat rides form the major attraction of Jolly Bouy Island. Perched at a distance of 15 miles from Wandoor Jetty, this island can bewitch anyone’s senses with its quintessential marine life and undying beauty. Diving and Snorkelling are some popular water sports indulged in by travelers to the island.


How to get to Andamans

If you are wondering about how to get to Andamans, you can easily get a flight from Chennai or Kolkata. There are also some flights from Delhi, Mumbai, and Vishakhapatnam. If you want to travel differently, then take the ferry from Chennai or Kolkata to give you an offbeat experience.


With its eternal beauty and a plethora of adventure opportunities, Andaman has truly become a popular name among travelers. However, there are still a few offbeat spots on the island which are yet to be explored. So, on your next trip to Andaman, don’t forget to include the aforementioned places on your travel itinerary.

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