Why Fiji Is A Must-Visit Destination

Fiji’s soil offers a singular possibility to dive into the country’s magnificence and see everything that makes it so special.

Why Fiji Is A Must-Visit Destination | Things To Do In Fiji

As a gaggle of islands, Fiji stuns all visitors with its beauty and wonderful places. However, it’s not all about the beaches and clear waters, although the bulk of tourists think that. There are a bunch of other things to try to do in Fiji and make unforgettable memories. Want to seek out out which they are? Then continue.

Amazing Activities You Can Do In Fiji – Overview

Fiji’s soil offers a singular possibility to dive into the country’s magnificence and see everything that creates it so special. The mere fact that much of the land is unpopulated proves the clearness and natural wonders that await you from the instant you arrive there. Untouched by humans’ hands, there are stunning landscapes that will take your breath away.

You can lie all day long on the sandy beaches, sway on the comfy hammocks, or just swim your heart call at the lagoons with clear blue waters. and therefore the lined palms make the entire experience even more awesome. Use their large shadows to relax and observe the special coconuts growing on them. While you’re by the water, an excellent idea would be to start a surfing adventure. For those scared of the waves, diving and watching the underwater animals and corals always remain one of the good things to try to to in Fiji. The islands allow all that and more.
Its numerous islands are each able to be discovered with long walks across the forests and climbing the tall mountains. As a neighborhood of those eco-activities, you’ll also go zip-lining and feel the surge of adrenaline flow through you. If that isn’t enough, because of Fiji’s rich history, you’ll spend the entire day visiting temples, museums, and old villages. It’s such a lot of fun.

After all of this, it’s obvious that you simply should do far more than simply staying at your hotel. Only that way you’ll get the foremost out of this amazing group of islands. So, choose a tour and let the journey begin!

Why Fiji Is A Must-Visit Destination: Things To Do In Fiji

The time has come for all the astonishing activities you’ll neutralize in Fiji. they’re going to convince you of the underlying great thing about the islands and why they’re quite a a just sun, beaches, and water.

Enjoy the water – Yes, the crystal turquoise waters became a real symbol of the Fiji Islands. And they’re the right go-to place for all watersports lovers. the nice and cozy waters enable you to swim, surf, dive, sail then on. what’s more, you’ll definitely try waterboarding, rafting, fishing, even some kayaking. The hidden waterfalls, reserves, and coastal parks everywhere the islands are an option also. There you’ll swim as long as you would like in an intimate and exotic atmosphere.

Try kava – one of the unique things to try to do in Fiji is trying kava. It’s a herbal drink made from a ground root. Some may say that it tastes and appears like puddle water. Anyway, drinking kava may be a part of many welcome ceremonies. So once you travel between islands, you’ll surely get an opportunity to possess a sip. an excessive amount of it’s going to cause a touch numbing sensation within the mouth, but you shouldn’t worry because it’s harmless. There’s practically an unwritten rule that you simply can’t leave Fiji without trying this marvelous drink.

Explore the underwater life – Naturally, in numerous waters, there must be an upscale underwater life. Fiji can absolutely boast thereupon. They don’t call it ‘the soft coral capital’ for nothing, right? Moreover, diving is practiced throughout the year. And skin diving is basically exceptional. a number of the foremost famous locations are Rainbow Reef, the good White Wall, the steps and other diving sites which will certainly wow you.

Relax on a hammock – Fiji isn’t always about action and jumping from one place to the opposite. As a top holiday destination, you would like a spot to easily unwind, put your hands behind your head and stare at the sky. Luckily, the Fijians remembered to place hammocks. they will be found almost on every beach and are truly a pleasure for all of your senses. Beachcomber Island, as an examplefeatures a line of hammocks just outside the beach huts. If you’re certain some relaxing things to try to do in Fiji, then lying on a hammock is certainly for you. Moreover, Fiji is understood for having one among the simplest sunsets and sunrises within the world. Be one among the primary on the earth to ascertain the new day on a hammock.

Get a massage during a tropical spa – While we’re at the relaxing things to try to do in Fiji, a massage is completely worth mentioning. These massage treatments include high-quality products that your skin and body would be eternally grateful to you. After one, you’ll be fully detoxicated, relaxed, and with improved circulation. one among the foremost famous spas is Bebe Spa Sanctuary.

Watch a fireplace show – As a tourist, you ought to definitely not miss out on the exciting fire shows. There are two types performed by skilled locals. the primary one is that the Fijian tradition of walking on hot stones. Whereas, the other includes walking on charcoal and ashes as a Hindu ritual of purification. you’ll attend these shows either within the resorts or at cultural shows. This performance truly represents the spirit of the islands and their people.

Sandboard – The Sigatoka River is formed famous because of its beautiful sand dunes. They’ve been million years within the making and now function as an exquisite natural landmark of Fiji. The sand there’s greyish-brown with occasional shrubs and vines here and there. aside from just sinking your feet into the right, warm sand, you’ll inspect sandboarding. There aren’t many things that will get your adrenaline up and running the maximum amount as these sand dunes can.

Take an enter the Garden of the Sleeping Giant – The road between the islands Lautoka and Nadi hides a really peaceful place you’ll immediately fall crazy with.  The Garden of the Sleeping Giant was once a personal property, but luckily now it’s hospitable to the general public. The orchids and other blooming flowers will offer you the tranquility you didn’t think you would like. Upon arriving there, a staffer greets you and quickly briefs you on the history and the way this place became the garden of paradise we all know and love now. Although the orchids may steal the spotlight, another highlight is that the path cutting through the rainforest and enabling you to ascertain the foot of the mountains Sabeto.

Surf in Viti Levu – Considering that Fiji may be a cluster of islands, tons of the activities would revolve around water. And surfing on the waves of the island Viti Levu is completely one of the foremost exciting things to try to do in Fiji. The island has actually grown in popularity with the appearance of the surfing camps south and west of it. you’ll surf throughout the year, but the months from March until October have the right swells coming from the south. And what’s more, you’ll access the simplest surfing spots by boat. So there’s your double adventure.

Zipline – Exploring the sweetness of the Fijian islands are often done through the thrilling zip-lining. There are 16 lines up and down the mountain which will take you thru trees and rivers. They’re 100 percent safe, making the lines attractive for people of all ages. Besides the spectacular view from above, you’ll experience some caves within the mountain where people wont to sleep in the past.

Find the Fiji Museum – the homes of the Fiji Museum are precious for the entire island culture. There you’ll find an outsized archaeological collection with artifacts from 3,700 years ago. Moreover, the objects within the collection represent the Fijian natives and every one the opposite communities that lived there through the ages. as an exampleyou’ll take a glance at the rudder of the HMS Bounty among others. The museum is found in Suva, the second most populated municipality and therefore the capital of Fiji.

Find peace in Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple – The colorful history of Fiji takes us to the present next activity on the list of things to try to do in Fiji. to urge deeper into the culture and tradition, you want to visit Nadi’s Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple. It’s the most important Hindu temple within the hemisphere and therefore the most colorful at that. Plus, it represents the range of Fiji and the way the entire society still exists. within the temple, you’ll lay your eyes on the statue of the deity Murugan. this is often the god this temple is devoted to.

Take a dip within the natural mud pools and comes – The fun side of Fiji is shown through these splendid mud pools and hot springs. These works of nature situated in Sabeto Valley will assist you to unwind and have a tremendous experience at an equivalent time. The locals in Nadi believe that the recent springs have healing powers. Although it will not be scientifically proven, it’s still worth a try, right? What’s more, the mud pools are perfect for mud fights. And you shouldn’t worry that you’d get dirty because you’ll immediately hop in pools with clear water to scrub the mud away.

Witness the local culture at the humanities Village – Located in Pacific Harbour, the Arts Village will leave you speechless. It’s, in fact, a posh where you’ll spend an entire day of your holiday. Everything is formed to strengthen the Fijian culture and you’ll feel that. you’ll shopping, taste native meals, meet locals also swim within the wonderful pools. Having said that, a ship tour over the crystal clear waters of the lagoon and walking around the temple aren’t off the list of things to try to do in Fiji’s Arts Village. However, a number of the foremost exciting and unique attractions are the various shows. Prepare yourself for absolute joy during the fireworks show and therefore the many re-enactments of Fijian legends. this is often the place where you’ll also see the above-mentioned fire shows.

Visit a waterfall – Only a couple of islands are large enough to truly have a waterfall. But to experience everything Fiji has got to offer, you ought to travel a touch to seek out a waterfall.

1.Bouma Falls, for one, is one among the foremost popular ones with a height of 24 meters (78 feet). It’s located within the Bouma park, and getting there’s through hiking.

2. Biausevu Waterfall, situated on the island Viti Levu, is 20 meters tall. There are many organized tours that provide far more than simply a waterfall. There you’ll study the Fijian folklore, healing herbs, the way to serve tropical food, or husk a coconut. and every one of that while you’re relaxing within the cooling waters.

3.Tavor Waterfalls on Taveuni Island are an outstanding series of waterfalls. There’s the Lower Tavoro Waterfall, the center Tavoro Waterfall, and therefore the Upper Tavoro Waterfall. all of them may be a real pleasure for the eyes. While arriving there you’ll be treated to a picturesque view of the coast also because of the nature around you.

There are surely hundreds more that are expecting you to explore. Besides having a blast and swimming, you’ll return home with the simplest possible pictures.

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