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All You Need To Know To Trek To The Dudhsagar Falls In Goa

There are regular waterfalls, and then there is a splendid, gushy four-tiered waterfall, the Dudhsagar Falls.

All You Need To Know To Trek To The Dudhsagar Falls In Goa


There are regular waterfalls, and then there is a splendid, gushy four-tiered waterfall, the Dudhsagar Falls. The Dudhsagar Falls are an hour’s drive or about 60 km from Panjim, the capital of Goa. It is situated on the Madgaon-Belagavi rail route and is an impressive sight, mainly in the monsoon season. The falls are one of the most popular tourist attractions out there. So, book yourself at one of the Goa hotels, and plan a trek to this falls for an experience of a lifetime.


When to visit

The Falls are located in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park, which are located in the lap of the beautiful Western Ghats. The thunderous falls are best enjoyed in the wetter months, when the falls are at their turbulent best. However, not everyone is up for a treacherous trek in the rain, so the best time to visit? That would be right after the monsoon, when the water is flowing rapidly but the terrain is not too dangerous.


What to carry on your trek

You’ve decided to take up this adventurous trek, but what now? Now, you make a list of all you need and make sure you are well prepared for the journey.

Since you don’t want to miss a single moment along the trek, make sure you have a good camera with a fully charged battery. Also, make sure your phone is fully charged. Carry reusable water bottles. If you have plastic bottles, please do not dispose them along the route. Do not throw any other trash either; just carry a bag for all your trash.

Carry medicines and a first aid kit, an umbrella, and a raincoat. Keep dry snacks, dry fruits, or other ready to eat snacks in case you feel hungry along the way. Make sure you wear the most comfortable sports shoes you own. The soles should offer a good grip. If you want to take a dip in the pool at the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, carry a change of clothes. If you are traveling with a group, divide the load.


The trek

Dhudhsagar Trek

The trek itself is very interesting, to say the least. The trek usually starts from Kulem and leads to Castle Rock, which is 26 km away. You have to then trek for 11 km from Castle Rock to Dudhsagar. The total time needed might be around 6 to 7 hours. The trek will take you through dense forests, smaller waterfalls and you can camp at the Dudhsagar station if you want. Be prepared for some serious physical exertion during the trek though.

You will be hiking along the mountainside, but you will also be crossing multiple railway tunnels that snake along the mountainside. Often, the tunnels are pitch black, and so be prepared with your group for this part of the trek and carry torches. It is so beautiful to see the railway tracks lying in abandon among thriving greenery, and there are many photo-worthy spots on the way. Be sure to hire a certified, trustworthy guide to take you through the entire route. This is especially important for first-time trekkers or beginners who haven’t any experience of the terrain.


The hotels in Goa can help you book the necessary transportation for this trek. You can also ask your hotel’s travel desk to help arrange for a proper guide. This trek is for the adventurous and the thrill-seekers, but it is one that should definitely not be missed.

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