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10 Best Places to Visit in Malaysia


Places to Visit in Malaysia

Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

Malaysia may be a country of contrasts, where different languages and cultures fuse and merge to make a singular Southeast Asian country that’s quite unlike any of its neighboring countries.

Malaysia is home to a beautiful coastline, tropical islands, and coral reefs that are scorched by the sun. Humid rainforests in Borneo and on the mainland are filled with rare wildlife, while the highlands are always a cooling retreat from the warmth.

To help you propose your trip, here are the simplest places to visit in Malaysia.

1. Kuala Lumpur

Places to Visit in Malaysia

Any journey to Malaysia should start in Kuala Lumpur, the nation’s capital and largest city. Although initially, it’s going to appear to be a sprawling metropolis, once you’ve found your feet you’ll realize that this is often the guts of recent Malaysia. Old markets and colonial buildings substitute the shadow of the brightly lit Petronas Towers and gleaming skyscrapers. There’s food, intriguing museums, and a various blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences to get across this vibrant city. It’s easy to spend a minimum of three days in KL with all it’s to supply. Places to Visit in Malaysia

2. Sipadan Island Places to Visit in Malaysia

Places to Visit in Malaysia

Sipadan Island truly holds the simplest of Malaysia when it involves skin diving and snorkeling. this is often Borneo’s best island. It’s a coral atoll, surrounded by a number of the foremost diverse and colorful reefs and marine life within the world. Here you’ll see all kinds of underwater creatures, large and little , while the island itself is home to white sand beaches and delightful green palm trees. It’s not the simplest island to succeed in , as it’s remote and isolated, but it’s worth every extra effort needed to visit it. Places to Visit in Malaysia


3. Taman Negara National Park

Places to Visit in Malaysia

Taman Negara is that the largest park on the Malay Peninsula. In fact, the name Taman Negara literally translates from Malay to English as ‘National Park’. It’s a neighborhood of rainforest and wildlife, one among the last surviving areas within the country outside of Malaysian Borneo. Travel here is best done along the river, and there are local villages connected by boat where you’ll overnight before taking over the cover walks that are suspended high within the trees. Places to Visit in Malaysia


4. Melaka

Places to Visit in Malaysia

Melaka is one among the foremost historic Malaysian destinations to go to. Found on the West Coast, there’s an eclectic mixture of architecture and culture to explore. There are colonial Portuguese ruins, British-era buildings, and a dense Chinatown that have all contributed to the UNESCO World Heritage status. Visit the famous Jonker Street to uncover local culinary delights and inspect the weird ‘floating mosque’ that sits out on stilts within the ocean. Places to Visit in Malaysia


5. Johor Bahru

Places to Visit in Malaysia

Few people ever seem to go to Johor Bahru, so if you’re wondering where to travel in Malaysia that’s off the beaten path, then this is often the town to go to. Johor Bahru is overshadowed by Singapore which lies across the border to the south, but actually, this is often one of Malaysia’s biggest cities and traditionally one among the foremost important. you’ll delve into the culture and see the grand palaces of the Sultan of Johor who wont to control over much of the peninsula. Places to Visit in Malaysia

6. Genting Highlands

Places to Visit in Malaysia

The Genting Highlands are found just outside of Kuala Lumpur and have long been an excellent shake the town. There are holiday resorts and amusement parks within the highlands that cater to the locals of KL, but it’s an intriguing check out local tourism and a fun place to incorporate once you plan a visit to Malaysia. Places to Visit in Malaysia


7. Cameron Highlands

Places to Visit in Malaysia

The Cameron Highlands is one of the simplest holiday destinations in Malaysia. If you tire of the warmth of the coast or the humidity of the cities, then head into these central hills for something completely different. Founded as a hill station for the colonial British to flee to within the summer, the Cameron Highlands is cool, rainy, and really refreshing. There are jungle walks, tea plantations, and strawberry farms to ascertain up in these beautiful hills. Places to Visit in Malaysia


8. Pulau Pangkor

Places to Visit in Malaysia

Sleepy Pulau Pangkor is one of the simplest tourist spots in Malaysia, but it’s also one of the last hidden gems on the West Coast. The island is halfway between Malacca and Penang but sees few tourists aside from local Malaysians. It’s a country place with a couple of hotels and guest houses, but it’s many nice beaches and places to relax. Places to Visit in Malaysia


9. George Town

Places to Visit in Malaysia

UNESCO World Heritage-listed George Town is that the epitome of multicultural Malaysia. Found on the island of Penang, this is often a foodie’s paradise where you’ll have a standard Malay breakfast of roti, followed by a steaming bowl of Chinese dumplings for lunch and a delicious Indian curry for dinner. The streets are filled with character and street art, and there’s a thriving nightlife any day of the week. Places to Visit in Malaysia


10. Langkawi

Places to Visit in Malaysia

Langkawi is one of the foremost beautiful travel destinations in Malaysia, and therefore the country’s favorite tropical getaway. It’s perfect for a weekend escape because this duty-free island is laid-back and delightful, with a number of the simplest beaches on the West Coast. There are great island-hopping opportunities, spectacular vistas from the highest of the Langkawi car and Sky Bridge, and many bars and restaurants along the beaches. Places to Visit in Malaysia


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